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Awesome! I'm so excited to find such friendly knowledgeable solar people after shopping around for years. I love how they take the time to make sure that each person and household is getting just what they need I'm really excited to charge my volt off solar power while spending less money every month!

Happy Om Avatar Happy Om

I chose to go solar because Duke Energy was out of control with the price going through the roof. I couldn't believe what they were charging us this year for power. It got to a point that I was afraid to open my power bill. Limitless Solar helped me lock in a rate that is a lot more manageable. The system looks good and the installation process was pretty smooth. Thank you Limitless for making this whole process hassle free.

Michael Lipscomb Avatar Michael Lipscomb

It was a pleasure to work with Limitless Solar and Robert Ballash. From the first conversation with Robert concerning the project size, design, placement and permits until the completion, he has kept me informed. Robert has been straight forward with all the information. If he didn’t have an answer to one of my questions he quickly got on it and addressed it. The entire project went smoothly, from design to installation. I would have no hesitation to work with Robert and Limitless Solar again.

Randy Lutjens Avatar Randy Lutjens

Robert was fantastic with our Solar understanding it was truly was very simple with him. He and the men who actually installed it were very kind and helpful. We are truly amazed how very simple it was for us to get this and understand it. I would be happy to work with them anytime. They are always checking on us to be sure it is working perfectly. We can't say enough positive things about this company and Robert who is very good at what he does. Thank you Limitless Solar for this wonderful tool.Margie

Grandma Margie Becker Avatar Grandma Margie Becker

I've been in sales for a long time and I appreciate a good sales process when I see one. Very low pressure sales approach. Also wanted to mention David my solar expert. After going through a full presentation with me he was nice enough to cover all of the information with my wife. Great people 5 stars service

Maveric Hartwell Avatar Maveric Hartwell

Great communication! I signed up with Tesla last year but I was tired of waiting for them to get around to it. A friend of mine recommended Limitless Solar and 9 weeks later my system was up and running.

B Dogg Avatar B Dogg

What great customer service! They made the process so easy for me. My panels were installed just a couple short weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of panels that I got through Limitless Solar! I will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends and anyone else in the market for solar panels.

ImDeadlySerious Avatar ImDeadlySerious

Recently we moved south due to the cost of living inflation. Though I am glad I made the investment in solar

Phil Spears Avatar Phil Spears

Marina, is a great girl with awesome attitude, she help us a lot with all our issues regarding the solar panels, right now we have great savings with this solar equipment, for me and our family this is a great help, good bless Marina and this company.

Cesar Ramirez Avatar Cesar Ramirez

I started thinking how I could invest in my home. Then lower my electric bills long term. Limitless solar helped me understand the potential savings. They really model themselves for the customer.

Marla Stininger Avatar Marla Stininger

I'll be honest that I was skeptical at first but we were able to verify all of the information that Kevin gave us and now that we have the system for about 2 months we are able to see a real savings. I recommend that when you call Limitless Solar that you'll ask to work with Kevin because his service is beyond anything we expected.

Jeff Randall Avatar Jeff Randall

Great company, fast install! I did some research before going solar and out of the half a dozen companies I spoke with Robert left the best impression. Definitely recommend ?

Elyahu Herszberg Avatar Elyahu Herszberg

Great crew! A friend of mine recommended Limitless after they installed a system at his farm. Was very pleased with the level of communication from start to finish.

christos georgitsis Avatar christos georgitsis

Since I work from home, you have to figure out how to be self sustaining, when I saw that I could lower my electric usage by installing solar panels. Which in the future it would pay for itself. I was in. It was even better to know to know limitless solar is American through and through.

Geek Guidance (Geek Guidance) Avatar Geek Guidance (Geek Guidance)


Joe Bill Avatar Joe Bill

Thank you for providing us a better healthier solution for our needs , much appreciated ! 🙂

Mustafa Ali Avatar Mustafa Ali

The support behind this solar company is second to none. I constantly get phone calls, from other businesses promising unrealistic installations. Though after speaking to this company I am proud to know this is American owned and managed.

Webster Tyrrell Avatar Webster Tyrrell

This company, has the best support, from start to finish. Any question, I had was always followed up. They always pride themselves on being on the customers side.

Marc Mittendorf Avatar Marc Mittendorf

I’m very glad I hired Limitless Solar to install a solar system for my house. They provided top-notch service, were attentive to detail, very professional, and easy to work with - and the system is saving me money on my bills! Thanks for the wonderful service. 10/10 would recommend.

Aly Fridley Avatar Aly Fridley

If you're thinking about going solar, look no further than Limitless Solar. Their knowledgeable staff, led by project manager Lisa, was always there to answer our questions and address any concerns. The entire process was smooth, and the installation was completed with minimal disruption to our daily lives. We are thrilled with our decision and highly recommend Limitless Solar.

Sophie Schuster Avatar Sophie Schuster

Limitless Solar stood out from the crowd of solar companies I had considered. Other firms tried to rush me into a decision, but Limitless Solar was different. They took the time to understand my needs and guided me through the process. Now, I enjoy reduced energy bills and the satisfaction of contributing to a sustainable future.

Gray Sylvester Avatar Gray Sylvester

Before I found Limitless Solar, I had approached other companies that made solar installation seem like rocket science. Limitless Solar was different. Their team was patient and thorough, explaining everything in simple terms. They made the whole process stress-free, and I'm now reaping the benefits of solar energy.

Yosef Stone Avatar Yosef Stone

I gotta say, going with Limitless Solar was a no-brainer! They did all the heavy lifting, and now I'm saving cash on my energy bills. The team was real friendly, and they got the job done quick. If you wanna go solar, these guys are the best!

GioPM Avatar GioPM

Limitless solar exceeded all my expectations! The installation was fast, professional, and the team took the time to explain every step of the process. I was pleasantly surprised by their attention to detail and the quality of their work. Their team even calculated how many panels I needed based on my driving habits with my new Tesla, and they helped me install the charging station that came with the car. Jim, the installer, offered to do it for free and completed it in just a couple of hours. My energy bills have dropped significantly, and I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Limitless Solar. If you're considering going solar, don't hesitate to choose limitless solar.

Denzel Avatar Denzel

I had a great experience with Limitless Solar for my home solar needs. The team was incredibly professional, and their customer service was top-notch. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently they installed our solar panels. Thanks to them we're enjoying lower energy bills and a greener lifestyle.Robert was very knowledgeable and great at explaining all details involved. Hands down I would recommend them to anyone looking to live a more greener lifestyle.

Krystal Kolmetz Avatar Krystal Kolmetz

I am extremely satisfied with my decision to go solar with Limitless Solar. Their knowledgeable staff, led by project manager Robert, guided me through the entire process with ease. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and providing a seamless experience is second to none. I highly recommend Limitless Solar for all your solar needs.

Ricky Cain Avatar Ricky Cain

I can't say enough good things about Limitless Solar. Robert was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient throughout the entire process. They handled everything from the initial consultation to the installation, making it a stress-free experience. I'm now enjoying the benefits of solar energy, and I have Limitless Solar to thank for it. A five-star company all around!

Scott Blair Avatar Scott Blair

I don't know much about solar power or anything, but Limitless Solar helped me out big time. They explained everything, got it all set up, and now I'm saving money on my electric bill. The team was real nice and made it easy for me. You should definitely give 'em a call!

E E Avatar E E

I had a great experience working with Limitless Solar recently. Their team made going solar both affordable and stress-free with their zero-dollar out-of-pocket solution. What really stood out was the friendly and attentive service, especially from Sofia, the project manager. She was always available to help and worked around my schedule. I can't recommend Limitless Solar enough for their amazing service and financing options. They're truly a standout in the solar industry!

Ron Montoya Avatar Ron Montoya

Great Service! I was new to Solar Energy and they walked me through every step of the way! Adam took the time to explain everything, and kept in contact with me to update me on the process and progress of the installation and operations. I truly felt important as a customer and not just another number in their books. I highly recommend the team at Limitless for your solar needs! Very professional from start to finish and all those involved in the installation!

Robert Avatar Robert

Overall the experience with Limitless was great. Follow up was good and we were informed on each step along the way. Erik was our sales rep and he provided great service, answered text and calls in a very timely manner.

Abby Resnick Avatar Abby Resnick

This company is AMAZING, very professional and will go above and beyond for its customers! if you haven't already called them, give them a call they will not disappoint you!

Marija Bircevic Avatar Marija Bircevic